Dog Blood Tests

Regular blood tests are essential for monitoring your dog's health and early detection of illnesses.

The main categories of blood testing include a complete blood count, a biochemistry profile and thyroid hormone blood testing. Blood testing is recommended for emergencies or for patients who are sick. It is also recommended for pre-anesthetic testing, preventative care screening and monitoring of the patient while they are taking specific medications (to ensure your dog’s safety).

Why is it important to perform blood tests for dogs?

A regular wellness check of your dog’s blood can detect early or hidden diseases in pets that may otherwise appear to be healthy. Pre-anesthetic blood testing can determine if your dog is healthy enough to undergo anesthesia and lessen complications during surgical procedures.

How do I interpret my dog’s blood test results?

Once the results are available, your veterinarian will review all findings and explain in detail what was found. It will usually take place while the client is still in the clinic as it allows for immediate treatment of your pet. If the testing takes longer than the appointment, your veterinarian can call and explain everything over the phone. Normal blood test results can rule out certain diseases, allowing you some peace of mind.

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