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Two female vets examine a cat x-ray

Cat X-ray and Ultrasound

X-ray is one of the most common and useful medical diagnostic procedures we have. With our digital x-ray equipment, we can produce excellent quality images to evaluate the internal structures of your cat.

What is the difference between a cat X-ray and a cat ultrasound?

X-rays help the doctor to assess the size and shape of organs and bones, whereas an ultrasound can give a more detailed look at soft tissues such as organs. It is beneficial when an x-ray shows something of suspicion, but that needs to be seen in a more detailed image. This is when the ultrasound machine would come out.

Does the clinic also do feline dental X-rays?

Our dental suite is equipped with dental radiology. We always recommend having a full-mouth x-ray be done with all of our dental procedures. It allows us to view and evaluate the underlying structure of your cat’s oral cavity, helping us to rule out pathology or decide if extractions are necessary.

How much does a cat X-ray cost?

For pricing, please contact the hospital and we will be happy to provide you with a quote.


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