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Is a Feral Cat Right for You?

In many ways, Tiger Kitty (or TK as he’s known for short) isn’t your typical feral cat. Unlike his still-wild counterparts who still roam around, homeless and often hungry, he now has a home.

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How to Keep Your Cat from Getting Fat

A fat cat may appear happy and provide visitors with a source of amusement, but feline obesity is certainly no laughing matter.

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Heart Disease in Cats

Cats are wonderful pets. In fact, they outnumber dogs as pets in the United States.

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Is a Cat Enclosure Right for Your Cat?

A cat enclosure offers the perfect way for your favourite feline to enjoy a little outdoor time without being subjected to the dangers of the real world.

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Medical Benefits of Regular Home Grooming for Cats

The condition of your cat’s coat and skin is an important feline health indicator. Healthy coats are shiny and smooth, and healthy skin will be supple and clear.

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