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You & Your Vet

Your veterinarian will rely on your awareness of small changes in your pet’s behaviour or habits.

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What We Learn

Continuing education is important, even after veterinarians have completed their college studies and acquired the appropriate licenses.

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What We Do

Doctors of Veterinary Medicine and Veterinary Surgeons are medical professionals whose primary responsibility is protecting the health and welfare of animals and people.

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Vetopedia is a glossary of terms used by vets in treating animals.

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The Veterinary Approach

Veterinarians employ state of the art technology that is very similar to technology used in the treatment of humans.

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Cat Scratching

Flea Prevention Is Important for Cats Too!

When most people think of who needs flea prevention, the family dog is at the top of the list, and often cats are forgotten or assumed to be flea free.

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