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Unnecessary Risks Cat Owners Take

There are specific activities that can make a positive difference in your pet’s health.

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Home Dental Care

Home dental care for your cat or dog has the same goal as home dental care for yourself, to remove dental plaque.

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How to Take Care of Your Pet’s Nails

Many pets dislike having their feet touched and their nails trimmed.

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Caring for Your Older Pet

Many of the same problems that affect people as they age, such as arthritis and diabetes, can also affect your pet.

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6 Questions to Ask At Your Senior Pet’s Next Check Up

As your pet grows older, he or she may develop a range of diseases and conditions associated with aging, such as obesity, diabetes, arthritis and kidney disease.

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Cat Scratching

Flea Prevention Is Important for Cats Too!

When most people think of who needs flea prevention, the family dog is at the top of the list, and often cats are forgotten or assumed to be flea free.

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