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Is a Feral Cat Right for You?

In many ways, Tiger Kitty (or TK as he’s known for short) isn’t your typical feral cat. Unlike his still-wild counterparts who still roam around, homeless and often hungry, he now has a home.

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Who’s Healthier: Purebreds or Mixed Breeds?

For years, pet owners have disagreed about whether purebred or mixed breed dogs are healthier.

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Keeping Pets Safe from Being Lost

An estimated one third of all pets will become lost at some point in their life. Reasons for pets becoming lost include everything from a loose gate to breaking free from a leash.

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Internet Reunites Lost Pets and Owners

Everyone loves the amazing stories of dogs and cats who travel long distances to find their way back home or even locate their owners in a new city.

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Adopting a Pet From a Rescue Group

Are you interested in adopting a pet from a rescue group but aren’t sure if it’s the best option for you?

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Cat Scratching

Flea Prevention Is Important for Cats Too!

When most people think of who needs flea prevention, the family dog is at the top of the list, and often cats are forgotten or assumed to be flea free.

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