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Ferrets Can Be Furry Family Too

When thinking about bringing home a ferret as a family pet there are a number of considerations you will want to make.

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Ferret Food and Housing

Food Ferrets are exceptionally playful, so expect your ferret to tip over his food and water bowls.

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Ferret Behaviour and Training

Ferrets have powerful, distinct and engaging personalities and a playful and fastidious nature.

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Ferret Health

You will need to take your ferret into your veterinarian twice a year for a medical checkup and yearly vaccinations.

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Choosing a Ferret

The AVMA recognizes that ferrets are being kept as pets and for research purposes.

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Cat Scratching

Flea Prevention Is Important for Cats Too!

When most people think of who needs flea prevention, the family dog is at the top of the list, and often cats are forgotten or assumed to be flea free.

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